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At Medeli we have a proud history of developing electronic drum kits used by a wide variety of musicians to help them create the rhythmic foundations in their music. The new MR101 Rhythm Machine is a transformation of our history that provides more music creators, songwriters, and instrumentalists to achieve the same expressive drum and percussion sounds and rhythms for their music. 


The MR101 is a perfect companion to create drum and percussion tracks for recording, live performance or just jamming by yourself or with friends. It comes packed with 185 high-quality acoustic, electronic and percussion sounds, 48 drum kits and has 100 pre-set rhythm patterns that represent a wide variety of styles to quickly get you inspired to start playing along. You can easily program your own unique rhythms with the 16 touch-sensitive pads into the 100 user pattern locations with the ability to chain both pre-set and user patterns for up to 50 songs. Operation is easy thanks to the easy-to-read OLED display and even connect to a computer via the USB MIDI and audio capability as you monitor your parts  with the powerful built-in stereo speakers. Thanks to the thoughtful features in the MR101, anyone can effortlessly start to enjoy creating and playing their own music. 


Let the MR101 Rhythm Machine express the music in you.


101 new

DRUM PAD 16 pads (touch sensitivity)

DISPLAY 0.96" (128 x 64) OLED  


SONG 50 users

RHYTHM 100 preset + 100 users

DIMENSIONS 182 x 111.5 x 57.5 mm

WEIGHT 0.46 kg

​POWER USB-C 5V • 4 x AA batteries

CONNECTION USB-C (MIDI & Audio) • Headphone jack (1 x 1/8”) • Line output jack (1 x 1/4”)  RECORD  Yes  TEMPO 5 - 320  EFFECT  Reverb  PANEL CONTROL  Power •  Volume • Tempo / Value • Rhythm • Kit • Song / Pattern • Playhead / Erase  • Record / Enter • Start / Stop  • Fill / Function




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