our team_James.jpeg


Chief Executive Officer

James joined the company in 1995 as Quality Engineer.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Master degree in both Human Resources Management and Marketing Management. He became the Chief Operation Officer in 2007 after he earned his EMBA from City University of HK.

His management philosophy is Kaizen. He leads the management team to focus on the continuous improvement in product design, manufacturing, and distribution. He loves reading books in his leisure time.

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Chief Technical Officer


Mafatu joined the company at its very beginning and witnessed its growth from a small group of seven people to become an industry leader. Experienced in the fields of electronic music, electronic communications and computing, he currently leads our R&D team for new product development.

Mafatu is always striving to bring excellent products to the market. He loves playing sports in his leisure time.

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VP (Design & Product Development)

Wing studied at the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In the early years of Medeli, he designed products for various projects as a freelance designer. Specifically, he designed the company's original logo, the first product (a Chinese typewriter), as well as most of the company's current products.
He officially joined Medeli in 2001, and is now responsible for industrial design and R&D projects. He loves having a simple life; loves music, especially British rock, enjoys coffee and has been reading books recently in his leisure time. 

our team_GeXH.jpeg


General Manager (R & D)

Geoffrey joined Medeli in 1996 as a development engineer of keyboard and digital piano. In 1999, he served as Vice General Manager of Medeli electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., responsible for technical operations. He became General Manager in 2007 and was responsible for new product development.

He loves electronic technology. He set his goal to be a professional electronic engineer at the age of 10 after taking an electronics training course designed for children. He likes listening music and going to theater. As the general manager of R&D, Geoffrey strives to design more professional and more user-friendly products to bring better music to people.

our team_MarkGu.jpeg


General Manager (Manufacturing)

Mark joined Medeli in 1993, started as an electronic engineer in the design of musical instrument, and then worked as the general manager of Research and Development for 11 years. He became the general manager of manufacturing in Shenzhen in 2007, and two years later, he successfully organized the relocation of operation from Shenzhen to Zhuhai.

Mark is interested in Chinese YiJing, philosophy and Hi-Fi audio.