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Dear user, before you apply to cancel your Medeli account, please read carefully and agree to this Account Cancellation Agreement.
Medeli hereby kindly reminds you that the cancellation of your account is an irrecoverable operation. After the account is canceled, you will no longer be able to use the account or retrieve any contents or information that you have uploaded, browsed, followed or favored (even if you use the same cell phone number for registration again to use Medeli).
It is recommended that you should back up related information of the account to be canceled by yourself before cancellation and please confirm that all services related to the account have been properly processed. After successful cancellation, we will delete or anonymize your personal information in accordance with related terms of the Medeli Privacy Policy.

I. It is with great regret that we cannot continue to provide you with services.

f you still choose to continue canceling your account, the virtual rights and other property interests in the account (including but not limited to the following rights and interests) will be deemed to be automatically waived by you and will no longer be available. You understand and agree that Medeli cannot assist you in recovering the above services. Before the cancellation application you submit becomes effective, please take note of the following changes:

1. Upon the cancellation of the account, all Yolexue APPs will become unavailable for login and use.

2. Upon the cancellation of the account, the balance of Youlexue Coins under the account will be cleared and all the songs, drum kits, sounds and other contents purchased with Youlexue Coins will also be cleared.

3. Upon the cancellation of the account, the practice progress under the account will be re-set to zero.

4. Upon the cancellation of the account, the song scores and rankings under the account will be retained.

5. Upon the cancellation of the account, the Yolexue Cloud under the account will become unavailable.

6. Upon the cancellation of the account, the teacher-student relationship under the account will be automatically unbound.

7. In case of the message “This account requires administrator rights, please go to the educational administration system to complete the account cancellation” pops up when you cancel your account, please contact the educational administration system according to the prompt.

8. All personal data and historical information of the account (including but not limited to the avatar, user name, published contents, browsing history, following, favorites, etc.) will be irretrievable.

II. In order to help you complete the account cancellation, you hereby further represent and warrant to Medeli that:

1. This account is registered through official channels and is your own account.

2. There are no outstanding transactions in the account.

III. During the cancellation of your account, if your account is involved in any disputes, including but not limited to complaints, reports, lawsuits, arbitrations, investigations by competent state authorities, etc., you should know and understand that Medeli has the right to decide whether or not to terminate the cancellation of the account at its own discretion without your consent.


IV. Your cancellation of this Medeli account does not mean that the actions and related liabilities in the account before the cancellation will be relieved or waived.




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