Medeli is in an exciting industry in which the ever-changing digital age plays the biggest role. Our customers are always asking for smart musical tools. With that in mind, keeping our ears tuned to the needs of musicians is just as important as polishing our talent and updating our technology in making top of the line instruments.  


Our passion for quality sound drives us to stretch farther in technology and beyond music standards. We are determined in our search for new ways to create outstanding products for the rapidly growing digital market.    



Medeli has a team of over 80 engineers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zhuhai, boasting expertise in both hardware and software design. Our expertise encompasses six major area: IC design, DSP Algorithms, Sound Generation, Drum Pad Design and Keybed Design.  


IC design

We have successfully launched four generations of sound ICs, and the prominent A5, a true 256 polyphony design, is our favorite, which has been widely used in our products.  


DSP Algorithm

The DSP algorithms are applied in our products to enhance the quality of sound and effects.

Building on the improvements in DSP technology, we are able to provide better products for our customers.


Sound Generation

We have full capability to develop our own voicing, style and songs and are proud to be the sole manufacturer with such capability in China.


Drum Pad design

We have designed various drum pads from small sizes up to 14 inches, featuring rim shot, bell, choke and more. Both rubber pads and mesh heads are available.


Keybed design

Currently, there are three options in the design of hammer-action keybed, a large variety of semi-weighted keybeds, simple plastic keybeds and slim keybeds.  


R&D Team

Our team consists of exceptional engineers from various backgrounds, all sharing the same passion for excellent musical products. Our engineers continuously push for innovation in product design, sound generation, and music production. They are creative, diligent, detail-oriented team players who are always striving for better solutions.


We are proud to present our R&D team.

our team_SuR.jpeg

Nick Su

our team_XieQB.jpeg

Xie Qibin

our team_GaoC.jpg

Gao Chao

our team_LuKM.jpeg

Luke Lu

our team_LiaoZH.jpeg

Liao Zhaohua

our team_ChenJJ.jpg

Chen Jiejun

our team_LiuGZ.jpeg

Liu Guozong

our team_TanCQ.jpg

Tan Chiqiang

our team_ZhangYY.jpeg

Maria Zhang

our team_ZhangGW.jpeg

Philip Zhang

our team_ZhangGZ.jpeg

Joe Zhang