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Versatility: From Arranger Keyboard to Music Production Workstation

Get in one device the functionality of an arranger keyboard, sampler keyboard, synthesizer and even a music recording workstation. With powerful high quality speakers, USB Audio and MIDI interface, and a 16 Multitrack recording capability, it's easy to transform the AKX10 into a Compact Home Studio. Thanks to the built in USB Audio, the AKX10 can be directly connected to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

7 Inch Color Touch Display

In the era of Touch Screen technology incorporated in Smartphones and Tablets, the AKX10 could not fail to bring this feature that greatly facilitates navigation, configuration, and programming. With high resolution, vivid colors, an ultra-fast regenerating touchscreen, and an intuitive navigation layout, it makes the AKX10 both sophisticated and simple to use.

Vocal effects

The AKX10 features Voice Effects and Vocoder. The microphone effects include EQ, Compressor, 47 DSP Effects, 3 Vocoder, and 3 Vocal Harmony.
The vocoder works like a vocal encoder. Its main function in the field of music is to turn the human voice into a synthesized voice. Just speak into the microphone and play the notes on the keyboard

Lots of memory: 768MB

What's the advantage?

With an incredible 768MB of memory expansion, there's plenty of room to load your favorite Styles and Sounds (Samples). Expansion Packs usually contain a selection of various styles. When they don't use the built-in keyboard sounds, the programmer includes the specific sounds in the Pack. A quality sound has a larger file size and uses more memory space, which is not a limitation for the AKX10.

Breathing light

The customizable colored LED lights on the sides project the color down according to the rhythm. It becomes more visible in a darker environment, producing a high-tech visual effect.

Cryptography. What is it for?

The cryptography of the Expansion Pack files allows the access of the files only on the keyboard with authorization to load the Pack, based on exclusive individual Hardware ID Number. This feature is essential to protect against illegal copy and distribution.

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