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Many don't know how a product is developed, the challenges, frustrations, and joys until the industrial-scale production starts. The photos and the story we present here are part of the records of what was done, initially to keep as documents in our files. But we decided to bring them to the public to tell what happened behind the scenes before the premiere of the AKX10.

The project started in April 2017, and at the crucial stage, the world was affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. But with effort and commitment, the team managed to overcome all barriers.

April 2017

The project started codenamed A1100, as this new model would be the successor of the model A1000, the flagship model. A small team started the research, gathering comments from users, professional musicians, and dealers about the new model's improvements. The next step was to define the most suitable operating system and research the main components.

July 2017

The study of the industrial design began and the first sketch of the panel layout included the large display of the A1000 and also the Arabic scales.

First layout.jpg
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